Monday, 12 October 2015

Further Story Ideas

We got together today and discussed further ideas for our story. Any feedback/comments would be most welcome!

  • Set inside a music box/display, showing small figurines ice skating.
  • Two characters bump into each other and exchange glances. The keys which make them work start to turn slowly.
  • One is less stable on the ice so the other helps them by holding their hands. This transforms into a dance and their keys turn faster.
  • The background changes as the couple dance and the music builds to reflect their love.
  • They kiss as the cityscape builds up around them.
  • Fireworks follow the motion of the building and the camera follows the fireworks into the sky.
  • The fireworks explode transitioning into explosions as war breaks out.
  • The characters separate in a frenzy and the buildings start to fall down.
  • Army marches through the scene.
  • Building in the foreground falls down obscuring the screen.
  • As the camera lifts up, we see the dust settling to show casualties and wreckage.
  • Our characters appear slightly damaged and come together. They sound different from before as their parts are broken.
  • As they embrace they slowly dance as they did when they first met.
  • The keys that turn to make them work begin to turn again and they no longer sound broken.

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  1. To be honest I'm not entirely sure I understand your story...possibly due to the way its written. Can you clean it up and explain it a bit more.