Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Story Breakdown

We thought it would be useful to write down the main steps of our story, so that we can use it to work towards.

  • Shot of cogs
  • Camera slowly zooms in through cogs
  • Establishing shot of characters in factory
  • Characters look at each other and smile coyly
  • Characters look back at their work and Character 1 has a soppy smile on their face
  • Character 1 misses the beat of their work
  • Sound of something breaking or going wrong
  • Reaction shot of character 1 realizing he has created a new sound
  • Character 1 starts to make music with the machinery
  • Character 2 carries on working until she realizes what the other is doing.
  • Character 2 joins in
  • Shot of both characters looking at each other while making music
  • Background characters start to join in
  • Char 1 & 2 leave workstation and come together by jumping onto conveyor belt
  • They start to dance on conveyor belt
  • They dance through the factory while interacting with it (pulling levers etc)
  • Environment begins to change
  • Transition into different clothing
  • Music paper being written in background
  • Climax
  • Transition to outside the music box, characters ascending on top, becoming the two main dancing figurines

Influence Map

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