Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Final Story Idea?

Following our tutorial with Alan this morning we have worked towards finalizing a story idea. This is the one that seems to have the most potential and the idea which we are all happiest with.
The story is set inside a music box, though the audience doesn't know this until the end. We see cogs turning and hear the sound of rhythmic machinery working. The camera zooms in through the cogs and we are in a factory. Two main characters are working robotically in the factory which creates the sound we hear. We can see there are other characters in the room. (These could be in the form of silhouettes as they aren't important). The two main characters often look at each other, and we see they clearly have an interest in one another. Because they are distracted, we see one of them has made an error with their work and the machinery starts to break. We hear a change in the repetitive sounds when this happens and this starts the beginning of a different feel for the factory. The other character joins in to create more of these pleasing sounds with the factory machinery and the two come together and start to dance. They jump onto a conveyor belt and dance along. The music is more flowing and the couple's movements are more fluid than their repetitive working actions. As they pass through the factory, they interact with the machinery, pulling levers etc which transforms the background and music to show how their love is building. At one point the couple disappear behind a part of machinery and as they come out the other side their clothes have changed from their factory uniforms to beautiful and colourful clothes to suit the mood they are in and the dance they are carrying out. The camera zooms out to reveal that the factory is actually a music box and show how the characters have ascended to the top, still dancing.

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