Friday, 6 November 2015

Narrative // OGR


  1. gosh the music goes so well with the animatic!! good job guys it looks super super promising :^^^)

  2. Leaping Lighthouse

    I enjoyed your animatic very much. Even in this simple execution, you succeed in creating a tingle of euphoria by the final closing moments. The execution of the animatic is completely communicative of your intentions. Not sure if the transitions you’ve installed count as ‘continous motion’ in the strictest sense, but the feeling of your film is certainly uninterrupted, and you use that forward momentum as an emotional push for the audience. I’m impressed too by the way in which it appears your group have found a means by which to marry your various approaches in terms of character design; the latest iteration of the man and the woman appears to be a cogent combination of efforts, and it does seem as if a resolved visual concept is now on the table – no small feat when it comes to group working and the synthesis of style and ego.

    In terms of the initial set-up – wherein the monotony of the job is interrupted by a sound more harmonious than normal – shouldn’t be rushed. This is the one aspect of your animatic that is better understood on the page than it is on screen, and it does feel important that you give sufficient time to showing us the routine and the boredom before the catalyst for change and transformation is introduced.

    What your film feels like is a classy Christmas commercial, what with its Nutcracker-esque associations, music box charms and aspirational message (make your own music, dance your own dance etc.). I look forward to seeing this push forwards in terms of production. – PG

    It has taken extra time and a few ‘wobbles’ and redo’s to get to your story but I’m sure you agree it’s been worth it. I very much enjoyed watching your animatic, it is emotionally engaging, clear and concise, and has suitable music (I’m not sure why it’s so small though?). It does appear to slightly push the boundaries of ‘continuous motion’ in the strictest sense of the word, however I’m not adverse to your hybrid technique. ‘Rope’ (1948) directed by Alfred Hitchcock used a disguised cuts to give the sense of one ‘continuous camera shot’. If (as it appears to be in your animation) you keep the directional momentum going then your film will achieve a similar categorization.

    I also enjoyed seeing your characters and environments make another leap forward towards being finished designs after shape and logic discussions. Whilst I don’t think these are complete yet they’re much closer than in previous posts. In terms of ‘polish’; I’d suggest giving the characters decorative details to enhance the shape work and the environments may need revisiting in terms of colour (green / sepia). I’m assuming the colours change from one to other during the animation. Green to Sepia may not be the best solution, green feels more Sci-fi. I suggest keeping sepia (it fits with emotional theme) and finding a second colour which has a similar emotional attachment.

    Overall and very encouraging OGR – Green light! -AP